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31 Day Fat Loss Cure - Healthy meals Eating Healthy

31 Day Fat Loss Cure
This applies to:

• skimmed milk (contains calcium that binds fats in the intestines)

• Whole grain cereals (after meals keep insulin levels low and metabolism remains in "aroused" state)

• Spicy jalapeno peppers (contain natural capsaicin, which accelerates the heart rate and metabolism)

• Coffee (caffeine increases the heart rate and helps burn more calories)

• Tuna (lowers lepton levels - lower levels of lepton are associated with faster metabolism)

• Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can prevent fat storage, and contribute to 31 day fat loss cure weight loss
Chili peppers

TIP 1:Regular consumption of chili helps to get rid of fat especially in the waist and hips. They rely on them and we know celebrities such as model Gisele Bunched. Burning cause’s capsaicin, a plant alkaloid that releases endorphins, promotes blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.Produces large amounts of heat in the body and forces the body to use more fat as fuel. The effect lasts for several hours after eating chili.

Green tea
TIP 2: Green tea contains several antioxidants in addition to substances that support weight loss
Eating Healthy Works but does not work on the principle of reducing appetite, but in a way that reduces the process of digestion in the intestines and increases fat burning. Contains potassium and zinc, enhances metabolism, and blocks fat storage. Some sources claim that one cup of green tea can burn up to 100 kJ of energy. Daily drink four to five cups of unsweetened tea before meals.


TIP 3:Sauerkraut is an excellent antioxidant, cleanses the body, accelerating metabolism. It also reduces high blood pressure and also activates the intestines and excretion of toxic substances. It also supports metabolism and has a dehydrating effect, and therefore allows rapid removal of waste products from the body

Apple cider vinegar

TIP 4:Apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar that does not acidic reaction in the body. Promotes fat loss, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the craving for sweet and salty. It helps digestion, assimilation and elimination, so it is now also recommended as a means of losing weight.

List of foods that burn fat:

10 best complex carbohydrates:
Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, beans, pasta, yellow potatoes, lentils, chickpeas
10 best vegetables:

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